How are Betka Fresh frozen
products produced?

Fresh fruits and vegetables harvested in the season are delivered to our factory and are frozen after pre-cooling, washing, cleaning, sorting and boiling according to the type of product.

What is the Freezing Process?

The principle of the freezing process is to stop the growth of microorganisms and microorganism activities at low temperatures. It is based on reducing chemical reactions.

What is the IQF method?

IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) Individual Freezing Method aims reducing water activity by freezing water which is present in food at -40°C. Thus, our BETKA Fresh products are stored longtime without using any additives and preservatives. The shelf life of our products is 2 years.

How are Betka Fresh frozen
products stored?

Microorganism activities may cause food poisoning. Psychrophilic microorganisms which are able to live in cold environment loss their activities below -10°C. After Betka Fresh products are frozen, they are stored at -20°C and the products are delivered to the consumer by protecting the cold chain. Thus, the products reach you with the freshness of the first day.

How should frozen foods be cooked?

While frozen products are thawed, microorganism activities will start again, so the amount of product you will use should be cooked immediately and not frozen again. Products should be stored in a deep freezer at -18°C in your homes.

What are the Advantages of Betka Fresh Frozen Products?

Since fresh fruits and vegetables are frozen with maximum hygiene and advanced technology, the risk of microorganisms contamination in the product is low. With minimal loss of nutritional value, you consume the products in a fresh and healthy way. When using our Frozen Betka Fresh products, it is easy to consume as the sorting and cleaning processes are done beforehand. It saves you time. It provides energy savings. You also pay for the amount of leaves and shells of fresh products you buy in grocery shopping. However, since our products are sold ready to cook, they are more economical than the products you buy from the market. There is no need to wash the products before cooking. Since the products are harvested and frozen in their own season, you are provided with the opportunity to reach healthy fruits and vegetables in all four seasons. Since our Betka Fresh products are frozen by IQF method, a long shelf life can be achieved without additives and preservatives.

Storage Conditions;

24 hours in the refrigerator (at + 4°C)

7days in the freezer

It can be stored in the deep freezer (at -18°C) until the expiry date.

Shelf life is 2 years.

What is the difference between freezing at home and by IQF method?

Freezing at home takes place at -18 ° C. Since there is a higher temperature compared to the temperature in the IQF ( at -40°C) method, products are frozen in a longer time due to slow freezing, the cell membrane will be damaged and there will be a loss of nutritional value. With the IQF method, rapid freezing occurs, the water inside the cell turns into ice without any damage, preserving its nutritional value. Deformation in the product is at minimum level.

Are frozen products washed?

Since the products coming to our factory are cleaned and washed under hygienic conditions, they do not need to be washed again.

Are frozen foods healthy?

In some cases, it may take 7-8 days to reach fresh vegetables and fruits. Products loss its nutritional value day by day and its freshness as fruits and vegetables are kept outside for days for transportation and storage processes in markets or greengrocery. However, our frozen products are frozen with advanced technology shortly after they are harvested. Thus, its nutritional value is preserved.

Are any additives used in frozen products?

Our Frozen Betka Fresh products do not contain additives and preservatives. Our products do not contain any GMO or pesticide residues. The tests of incoming raw materials are meticulously done.

How are frozen products thawed?

Frozen products should not be thawed at room temperature or in hot water. Storage at room temperature increases the microbial load of the products. You can use frozen fruits without thawing them completely. You do not need to defrost frozen vegetables before cooking. You can cook vegetables directly in the pot or thaw in microwave before use.

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