About Betka

Betka Food Industry was founded in 2014 by Ahmet Göztepe and his family in Yeniceköy, İnegöl, Bursa which has got one of the most fertile agricultural areas in Turkey . The factory design, all machinery and equipment were designed in world standards with the assurance of Göztepe Makina Limited Company. Betka Food Industry meets with consumers with natural, delicious and qualified vegetables and fruits harvested in the season by working together with experienced farmers. Products are frozen with the IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) method without using any additives or preservatives and with the minimized loss in their nutritional value. Betka supports agriculture in our country, contribute to the cultivation of products and consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are the basis for one of the most beautiful blessings offered by nature to develop healthy new generations.

Our Vision;

To be an innovative brand that is first mentioned in our country and then worldwide. To popularize the consumption of frozen products where are grown in the fertile soil of our country and are frozen with advanced technology.

Our Mission;

To provide healthy and safe products to consumers and support the development of agriculture in our country by embracing an approach to prevent food safety threats that may occur along the food chain from harvest to the customers.

Shots From Betka

We are committed to ensuring that our customers can safely consume our products, products are produced in accordance with legislation and legal requirements, has high quality, hygienic and safe and we continuously improve and provide full safe processing from raw material to consumer.

Quality Policy;

-The main objective of all departments including management is to produce quality products, to provide customer satisfaction and to compete successfully in all markets with the quality improvement principles;

-To establish a comprehensive and effective Quality System within the business;

-To provide mutual trust, understanding, satisfaction and communication between the company and its employees, take into account the suggestions of our employees and provide the necessary resources for their continuous training;

- To create safe, healthy, efficient work environment, and a company that respects the environment and nature.

BETKA aims to carry out all processes of quality and food safety activities perfectly, based on scientific data, with a preventive approach, open communication, teamwork and audits.


Yeniceköy, Bursa Cd. No:84/1, 16440 İnegöl/Bursa

E-Mail :
Phone : +90 224 346 05 53
Fax : +90 224 738 13 06

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